IXJANA na 11.Pune International Film Festival w Indiachstiwalu Filmowym

Film IXJANA został pokazany w sekcji Global Cinema na Pune International Film Festival w Indiach, a już jutro będzie go można oglądać na festiwalu filmowym w Rotterdamie.


Completed post-production.

Completed post-production. The film is in preparation for release.


Creating a "making of" from the movie.

Shot was the official making of the film Ixjana from hell. Once assembled into two versions: full 23 minutes and shorter - 10 minutes. The material shows a movie team work through a number of shooting days, during which you can see how to create the outline of a new work Skolimowski brothers. Whole with a comment by Borys Szyc, who played the character in the movie - Arthur.


Preparing the soundtrack.

Currently we are working on a movie soundtrack. Choosing the right audio track, no small feat, the sound has a very large impact on climate change with such reverence that was immortalized by the film camera.


Preparing for the film

Movie shoting began on August 27, 2010.