Sambor Czarnota (jako Marek Newski)

Sambor Czarnota (Marek Newski)

Plays the role of Marek Newski, issuing the bestselling book writer. As Marek Newski is a romantic figure, often thoughtful, struggling with problems, wandering in the dark and searching for explanations and answers to the question "how was the truth."
Marek lost his closest friend - Artur, who, in a perverse way he took his unrealized dream - a relationship with a girl he met in the park, Marlena.


Sambor Czarnota

Sambor Czarnota (born March 16, 1977 in Czestochowa, Poland) - Polish actor, theater, film and television.


While a student at School No. 40 to them. Stefan Zeromski in Czestochowa, also studied at the School of Music degree in piano. He attended the class with biological and chemical in the second LO. Romuald Traugutta, where he graduated. In 2000 he graduated from the Acting Department at the State Higher School of Film, Television and Theatre. Leon Schiller.

September 22, 2001 he debuted the role of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in the play Amadeus on stage Jaracz Theatre in Lodz, which took a permanent position. In Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet (2001-2002) appeared as Romeo and Paris. Younger stage creating the figure of a man as much as five figures - newly promoted corporate drug dealer hip-hop listener and student of children's home in the presentation of toxins in 2003 earned him an award at the Third National Festival of Contemporary Drama "The reality shown" in Zabrze and in 2004 received the award of the Board Section Theaters Dramatic ZASP-u in X National Competition for the issue of Polish contemporary art in Warsaw and the award for National Review XXXIX Small Form Theatres "Counterpoint" in Szczecin. It is also the winner of the Marshal of Lodz for the season 2003/2004. He also collaborated with theaters: Warsaw "Presentation Scene" (2003-2005) and Music in Lublin (2006-2007).

He made his debut at the cinema screen in the drama Treliński egoists (2000) opposite Magdalen Cielecka, Olaf Lubaszenko, Jan, and Rafał Mohr Frycza. Then James played the role in the soap opera Korpalskiego sensitivity and Lies (2000). After the performance in the television drama The White Dress (2003), appeared on the soap opera itself Banner Life (2005-2007), sitcom TVP-Gdańsk Tenants (2003), the soap opera TVP2 For better or for worse (2004) and played the character in Józek biographical drama television channel Hallmark Channel, Charles. The Man Who Became Pope (Karol, un uomo diventato Papa, 2005). Popularity earned him the role of Luke Wronski, co Choroszyńskiego, Julia Choroszyńskiej fiance on the show TVP 2 exam life (2005-2007).

Private Life

Associated with Marta Dabrowska, daughter of former Minister of Culture Waldemar Dabrowski.


TV Shows:

He appeared in the August edition of Dancing with the Stars broadcast on TVN. His partner was Soszyńska-Magdalena Michno. They finished ninth location.

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