Sambor Czarnota (jako Marek Newski)

Sambor Czarnota (Marek Newski)

Plays the role of Marek Newski, issuing the bestselling book writer. As Marek Newski is a romantic figure, often thoughtful, struggling with problems, wandering in the dark and searching for explanations and answers to the question "how was the truth."
Marek lost his closest friend - Artur, who, in a perverse way he took his unrealized dream - a relationship with a girl he met in the park, Marlena.

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Magdalena Boczarska (jako Marlena)

Magdalena Boczarska (Marlena)

Plays role of Marlena. Mysterious woman, which falls in love with Marek Newski. Is a character full of secrets that we discover while watching a movie.



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Borys Szyc (jako Artur)

Borys Szyc (Artur)

Plays Artur character, a friend of Marek. But their friendship was betrayed - Artur jumped the girl, for which Marek was raging for years, but never dared to know. The character of Artur is dark, sometimes comic, but tragic. Artur falls into despair and drug addiction. We're finishing something that will surprise even make ...

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Ewa Hornich (jako Ula)

Ewa Hornich (Ula)

Plays Ula that Marek knows to be a caretaker, does not appear to be associated with events that have so plagued Marek, but in reality this is very much in common ...



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Anna Dereszowska (jako Amanda)

Anna Dereszowska (Amanda)

Marek met Amanda at a Heller's party. Since the meeting all began. Amanda seduces and enchants him, introducing brand in an increasingly intricate story.



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Jan Frycz (jako Heller)

Jan Frycz (Heller)

Heller plays - a major publisher. Strange is a character, full of mystery, solemnity and power. Heller is known that it does not seem debuts. Nevertheless, Marek welcomes the strange party where fiction mixes with reality and reality is like fiction ...



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Łukasz Simlat (jako Rajter-Kosmateus)

Łukasz Simlat (Rajter-Kosmateus)

Plays a dual role: Rajter, which meets Marek durning search of Ixjana. Rajter a drunkard, rapist and pedophile in one. In the world of alternative takes the form of the devil named Kosmateus. Superbly played both roles, if you look at them you can see the created a true masterpiece.


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Mariusz Drężek (jako Vigo)

Mariusz Drężek (Vigo)

Assume the role of Vigo, which is a figure known as a street thief and swindler, does not avoid the drug. Vigo is a former husband, Ula. He has some business with Artur and is suspiciously peeping over to Marek. The contact with the Vigo certainly nothing good will come of it ...


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