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IXJANA from hell is a film where reality is mixed with fiction.
Men's friendship put to the dramatic attempt by the seductive, dangerous woman
is a subject of thriller filled with the dark atmosphere,

directed by the brothers Józef and Michał Skolimowski.


What do you think about the movie?

Sambor CzarnotaSambor Czarnota: This is my first significant role in the cinema, a huge challenge. In my view, splendid script, to build a large role, quite different than before I had a chance to play.

The character I play (Marek) is a writer, it turns out that he writes very well, because its debut is a bestseller. Writing a strange book begins actively participate in it, and a division between the real world and fiction is becoming less and less ...

The filmmakers

Bracia Skolimowscy Directed - Brothers Skolimowscy

Skolimowscy brothers gathered on the set of his latest production of the greatest Polish stars.

Multiple Color Variations Sambor Czarnota (Marek)

Movie, theater and TV, Polish actor.

Versatile Menu Styles Borys Szyc (Artur)

Polish theater and movie actor and also musician.

Comprehensive Typography Magdalena Boczarska (Marlena)

Polish movie and television actress.

Excelent Mobile Support Anna Dereszowska (Amanda)

Polish singer and actress, musical theater and movie.

Excelent Mobile Support Jan Frycz (Heller)

Polish TV, movie and theateractor.




Completed post-production. The film is in preparation for release.


In the media section, you can watch trailers, videos of the shooting the IXJANA movie.